“I am very pleased with the quality of work. Even after I made a few changes and, Whittington was able to alter plans to suit my needs. I was very pleased with the price. Whittington’s quote beat others, as far as that goes. I had a quality experience.” –George Smith Oak Hill, WV

Everyone’s privacy is important to them. The prying eyes of everyone from nosy neighbors, curious children, and even rouge telephone line reparimen can seriously cramp one’s style. However, choosing the right fence can be difficult. Fortunately, the average Privacy Violator is too acrophobic and lacking in upper body strength to professionally climb telephone poles, meaning…

A recent study by the American Institute of Criminology states that businesses and residences with an outside enclosure are 80% less likely to be victims of a break-in or an act of vandalism than residences or places of business that are unsecured.

One of our recent clients discusses the recent work we did for his business.