Mission Statement

Whittington Fence Company will be the innovative leader in the installation of quality fences. We will endeavor to be recognized for our unique ability to combine quality of design and workmanship with the desires and aspirations of our customers. We base our actions on five core values to accomplish this mission:

  • 1. We produce quality and value for the customer at a fair and reasonable price. In both the residential and commercial fence market, we build only the best and stand behind our work.
  • 2. We serve the customer, we are customer driven and we provide customers with quality work every time.
  • 3. We value our employees; we recognize that Whittington Fence Company is only as good as its employees. We commit to provide a productive and safe work place where employees are treated like family.
  • 4. We welcome innovation and adapt to change. We constantly evaluate what we’re doing and compare it to what is possible and what is needed.
  • 5. We practice teamwork and consider those who work for, associated with, or supply Whittington Fence Company, as a member of our team. We recognize that each customer, employee, supplier or subcontractor has an important part of making our mission possible.